fifth year is in the books.

so this past friday was mine and brian’s anniversary. our fifth. it’s crazy to think it has been five years. in one way, it seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready for the wedding and going on our honeymoon. but in another way, it seems like brian and i have known each other FOREVER. which we have, really. either way you look at it, brian rocks my world. i usually don’t get real sappy and lovey dovey online, but i’m trying something new. i could write a million blog entries with endless examples of how awesome brian is…for real. sometimes i think i am hard to love…i am super opinionated and outspoken. i’m sure that gets annoying. but brian loves me no matter what. he’s a great example of what God called husbands to do: love your wife like Christ loved the church. i am quite confident that i’d be alone forever if it weren’t for brian. they don’t make them like him anymore. its sad (and i know that there are many other great men out there, but the majority of young men these days are quite disappointing). that’s actually one reason why i wanted a boy so much…i want us to raise him, and maybe other boys, to serve Christ. that’s one thing i hope for jude; that he will grow up to be loving, patient, and kind-hearted…just like his dad. so here’s to five years! happy fifth, bk.


2 thoughts on “fifth year is in the books.

  1. meg says:

    awwwwwwww so cute!! happy anniversary! sooooooo glad yall are married and that we both found men that are awesome 🙂 i couldn't think of a better husband for my sister!!! and i think you are pretty good for him, too 🙂 I LOVE YOU!

  2. Sarah says:

    A great way to start out a gloomy rainy monday crying my eyes out! But i guess tears of joy are good! We are so blessed to have you for a daughter too! Brian is a lucky man! And Jude is pretty awesome too!

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