jfk update.

jude has turned into one of the funniest people ever. he seriously cracks me up so much. the other night brian and i were laughing as we discussed how jude never shuts up. he is literally always talking. but i love it. and he certainly provides a lot of free entertainment for those around him.

what amazes me lately is his ability to make connections and put sentences together. its so insane. the other day we got home from somewhere and he said “i want a cookie!” he said those exact words…and he often says “i” when referring to himself. i’m sure its just coincidence that he uses the correct person and tense, but its crazy!

jude is always walking around the house saying “yay for helicopter!” while clapping. i know i said this once on the ride past the helicopter. oh yeah, thats a huge part of our life…on the way to and from mom’s house we pass the transportation museum off the highway. there’s a huge helicopter on display outside. its definitely the highlight of his life right now. he knows we are passing it, even if its pitch black outside. and sometimes he flips out if he doesn’t get a good enough look at it. there’s also a dump truck with santa waving in the front seat. jude’s dream.

speaking of santa (and helicopters) there are a few things that come to his mind when the fat guy in red is mentioned. jude says “santa say ‘ho ho ho! merrrrry christmas!'” its so cute. and santa cannot possibly be brought up without jude rambling on about santa in a helicopter on papa’s roof. jude’s grammy and papa have a huge blow up santa in a helicopter on their garage roof. jude, of course, loves it.

another hilarious thing that jude’s been up to is saying things like “if you want to go to mimi’s raise your hand! i do!” all while raising his hand. he does that about various things…another phrase he got from me. he’s such a little parrot. he often says things like “oh my gosh!” or “oh my goodness!” the other day he even said “you’re bugging me!”

ok, one more story. the other morning i went in to get jude from his crib. i walked in and he said “jude go to eaghan’s, mama?” apparently he, like his parents and bampy, loves geaghan’s. (for those of you who don’t know, its a local restaurant.) we also drove by the street geaghan’s is on that day and he said “eaghan’s!!!!” he has a great sense of direction that i’m sure was inherited from bampy.

so there’s a jfk update. so thankful for him, especially now. with missing my dad every second, jude is certainly a nice and constant distraction.


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