my mom.

incase you didn’t know this, my mom is amazing. that’s it. bottom line. i could end right there…but i’ll elaborate.

the other day jude was playing and hurt his foot somehow. he ran over to me crying so hard and said “mama!” and did that really cute “snuggling in” thing that he does. i just thought, wow, its crazy how kids need their mom’s. and i hope he always feels this way about me…that there are times when the only thing that will heal his hurt is a hug and kiss from his mom. i know that is true for me. growing up, my mom was always there when i needed her. she comforted my pain, wiped my tears, and nurtured my soul. she was the ultimate mom. and i don’t think that will ever change. right now, during the worse time in my life, my mom is still there. just her presence helps my hurt, much like when i was a little girl. she’s the best medicine.

i am soon reminded of the fact that my mom is suffering the worst hurt in her life and she doesn’t have her mother’s comfort. not only has she lost her husband, the father of her children and the love of her life, but she also lost her mother. how is it fair for one person to shoulder all that loss? grammy virginia died when my mom was only 19. my mom had to go through the biggest events of her life without her mother. its just not fair.

brian and i were talking the other night about how strong and inspiring my mom is. he was in the car one night, thinking about pictures he has seen of my mom as a little girl, and he was overwhelmed. he said he cried all the way home while thinking about my mom and what an amazing person she is. we cried together that night as we reflected on my mom’s grace and strength.

my entire life i’ve always seen my mom hold her head high as she walks through life’s valleys. she has never complained about a single thing. even now, during this difficult time, she remains thankful for what she has and continues to look for the blessings in life. i’ll never know why god allowed mom to endure such trials. but i do know that mom has been the most powerful example of strength, grace, and courage for her kids and grandkids. i would be lucky to pass on even a fraction of this legacy to my family.

i strive to be more like my mom. she rules. her example of love and strength will live on forever.


2 thoughts on “my mom.

  1. Sammie-J says:

    I work with your mom and she is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest women I know. We are so lucky to have her and you are so very lucky to have her as your mom.

  2. gretchen. says:

    oh, that is so nice. she really, really is!!

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