year 2 for jfk.

jude is two…seriously? how did that happen? it honestly feels like i just had him like a month ago. maybe the fact that i’m hugely pregnant makes it feel as if it was in the not so distant past. its been a huge year for jude, that’s for sure. let’s reminisce and remember what’s gone down.

-jude learned to walk! it certainly took a while, but once he started he was so steady. you would have thought he’d been doing it forever. i remember the big moment well. we were hanging out at home one evening and he just decided to do it…finally. brian and i were dying because jude would giggle so hard with each step he took. he kept doing laps around the island in the kitchen. it was awesome. i wish i could put the video up but this website won’t allow, it so you’ll have to settle for this picture.

-jude went from having a 4 word vocabulary to speaking in full sentences. i remember at his 12 month well child check i told his dr. that i was kind of worried because he wasn’t talking much. he said a few words-mama, dada, bye bye, uh oh-but not much. she said “don’t you worry…his language will explode in the coming months.” and wow, she was right. when he was about 15 months old i remember thinking how dumb i was for worrying! he has an insane vocabulary. and i’m not just saying that because he’s my kid and he rules. i’m not one of those parents that makes stuff up to make my kid look cool. the things he says are amazing. he says “i” when referring to himself, which might be coincidence, but still, its nuts and so cute. he doesn’t just mumble or make words up, he speaks as clearly as an adult. i love it.

-jude fell in love with trains, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, buses, and pretty much any other mode of transportation. it all began with a little book called “trucks”. we read it once or twice and the obsession soon followed. jude learned the name of every vehicle in that book…mini-loader, excavator, fuel truck, ambulance, etc. then came airplanes, trains, and helicopters. at this point, i don’t think a minute goes by without jude mentioning some type of vehicle. we’ve even heard him roll over in the middle of the night while muttering “airplane”. he’s such a boy.

-jude’s fave, and sometimes least fave, playmate moved to maine. bella! and of course auntie meg and uncle nick. it was a semi-rough transition for the little man. bella was mobile and here to stay! she was playing with his toys at his mimi and bampy’s house…not fair! but he soon got used to the idea of having her around and they are now great friends.

-jude got the news that he’s going to have a little sister. now, lets be real, he obviously has no clue what is going to happen in march. i’m not going to pretend that he does. but it is cute when he talks about lucy and puts his head on my belly to kiss her. although maybe he just thinks that i got really fat and named my extra pounds lucy. you never know.

-jude had his first trip to boston and his last moments with his bampy. not exactly the greatest of memories, but one i will remember forever. we brought jude and bella to boston to visit dad. he was SO excited. dad could barely go five days without seeing jude so a couple weeks was rough. his face totally lit up when he saw jude. i’ll always remember that. the visit was short because the kids were antsy, but it was so worth it. i’m so thankful that jude got to see dad that one last time.

jude has had quite a year. he’s grown into the cutest, funniest, most sensitive little boy and i’m so thankful for him. he’s certainly given me a run for my money, as of late, but he’s so awesome and i love him more than ever. its amazing how much our lives have changed since he entered in, and there’s no going back. we love you, jude farrington keezer!
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