my little muffin man is getting so big. its hard to believe it. here’s an update on the jude-man.

-jude is obsessed with cars, the movie. he loves lightning mcqueen and tow mater (or tow mater keezer, as jude calls him). jude’s gramma bought the dvd quite a while ago, but jude has just recently formed this insane obsession. he knows all the characters names and he even quotes the movie. his favorite quote is “focus, speed.” he actually sits still through the entire movie…it puts him in a trance. it’s cute.

-jude’s been into calling people by their first name. he’s been doing it with brian for a while…but now he often yells for “gretchen”. he calls “terri” on the phone daily. at gramma and papa’s house he was looking for papa and screamed “LARRY!”

-bible time is part of our nightly routine. after teeth brushing and hand washing we head to bed for bible and prayer time. he loves it (usually). there are nights here and there when its super late and we try and skip over the reading part, but jude makes sure we don’t forget. on the cover of his bible there are pictures of different characters like david and goliath, adam and eve, moses, daniel, and jesus. one day he was looking at his bible and pointed out david totally on his own. it was adorable…so now he can call all the characters on the cover by name.

-the stars are really bright and visible at our house at night. so jude always points them out if we are returning home or going somewhere. lately he’s been singing “twinkle, twinkle” every time he stargazes. it is honestly the cutest thing ever. he’s always known the song, somewhat, but he can sing almost every word now.

-jude says the most random, funny things. the other night he was at wal-mart with my mom and aunt. aunt walked away to get something and jude said “aunt holly, get some donuts!” he points out dirty cars everywhere. he flipped out the other day because his apple slices had toast crumbs on them. he named one of his matchbox cars “brian”. he knows the lines to his favorite books and reads them out loud to himself. he knows people’s cars…auntie meg, uncle nick, mimi, aunt kate, aunt holly, gramma and papa, daddy, mama. we passed a navy blue santa fe on the road the other day and he said “that’s daddy’s car!” he loves to bring the mosh and jump on his bed. he and brian do this thing…jude says “3, 2, 1, blast off!” and brian thrusts him over his head and he lands on the bed. he has to do it at least ten times every night.

-jude hung out at auntie kate’s house the other day. i can’t imagine him not having a blast…she’s the best. she bought him some cool things to play with and uncle peter’s man cave is full of fun things to look at. she had some matchbox cars there and taught jude the names of them. so now he’s constantly talking about muscle cars and he plays with his “camero” and “pontiac” all the time. he was playing with a car the other day so i kept calling it what it was, a punch buggy. but he corrected me and said it was actually a “volkswagon”. his my mom had him at wal-mart the other day and he pointed out a camero in the parking lot. mom told me last night that my dad used to know the make and model of every one of his matchbox cars when he was little (a collection that jude inherited) so i’m thinking maybe jude will be a genius like his bampy!

-jude is so sensitive, just like his dad. its so cute…i like that he has a lot of personality similarities to brian because brian is amazing. jude has kind of desensitized himself to me somewhat because i’m with him all the time. he still listens really well, but when i raise my voice its not quite as effective as when daddy does it. brian can raise his voice ever so slightly, but firmly, and jude bursts into tears. its sad, but i’m glad he can sense when his dad means business! he also gets really upset when meg scolds bel…mind you, you have to literally scream at the top of your lungs for bella to respond, which still doesn’t work. she’s not phased by much! but jude gets so upset even though he’s not the one being disciplined.

i don’t even get it…i never knew a two year old could be so smart and humorous. the things that come out of that kid’s mouth amaze me, i love it. don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely some truth to the “terrible two’s” idea…whining and throwing toys happens daily. he’s very independent and gets frustrated when he can’t do something. such is the life of a toddler. love you, jfk!


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