lucy mae keezer.

can i just say that lucy is the best baby in the entire world? ok, she’s only two weeks old, but i’m serious. hopefully i’m not jinxing her by mentioning it, but she’s honestly wonderful.

lucy was born on march 23rd at 5:07 p.m. she was 8 lbs 9 oz. (i grow big babies) and 21 inches long. she has the most insane head of thick, spiky black hair. i love it so much. she’s such a beauty. people keep going on and on about how much she looks like brian…but i think its just because they currently have the same hairstyle going on.

my birth experience with lucy was so different than with jude. i won’t get into details, but the labor was much worse and the pushing only lasted for 30 minutes…a nice change from 2 hours with jude. my doctor came in to check on me and i wasn’t yet feeling the need to push. so she went to pick up her dog somewhere and bring him home. a few minutes after she left i knew that i had to start pushing asap. so my nurse, who was wonderful, called my doctor and told her to come back. considering my track record, my doctor told the nurse to have me start pushing…but she was afraid to do that because she knew lucy was rearing and ready to go. so my doctor rushed back, i pushed, and 30 minutes later lucy entered the world. the second i saw her my eyes filled with tears…she was completely purple but she was the most beautiful little girl i had ever seen. i looked at brian and he was teary eyed and giggling…just like he was when jude was born. our family felt so complete. she was perfect. and her hair was freaking AMAZING.

our entire family came in to meet her. everyone was so proud! i felt so happy and powerful. i couldn’t help but think of my dad and wish he was there with us. i can picture him smiling so big and telling me what a great job i had done. he would have hugged brian and told him how proud he was. i kept telling myself that he was with us in spirit and that he could see lucy’s beautiful face from his front row seat in heaven. that is what i hoped.

our weekend in the hospital was special. we cuddled lucy so much. we witnessed the first meeting of our son and our daughter and it was awesome. jude didn’t have much of a reaction to her…he was kind of indifferent. but he at least acknowledged her, kissed her, and wasn’t jealous. i felt so blessed.

ever since lucy was born she has been the most amazing sleeper, which has been life saving for us! jude was always a good sleeper, but not this amazing and not this soon. because she had lost a large percentage of weight, we had to wake her at night for about a week until she gained it back. she never once woke up on her own…we had to wake her every time. once we stopped having to wake her she has slept from nine to two and then again until seven or later. we have literally not been tired at all. i remember when jude was born i was in such a haze the first week because i was so exhausted. but this time around has been a piece of cake. i’m serious…she’s perfect!

i’ve also been so happy with jude’s adjustment to his baby sister. he loves her so much. he hasn’t been jealous or mean. the first day we brought her home he showed her every one of his cars. the next morning when he woke up he yelled from his bed, “lucy! where are you?!” then he said, “lucy! i’m home!” if jude can’t see lucy from where he’s sitting at the dinner table he makes me turn her seat so he can see her face. he reads his cars books to her. he gives her eskimo kisses. he helps me change her diaper and get her dressed. he’s such a good big brother! phew, what a relief.

so, bottom line, lucy rules and i’m so glad she’s here! i am so enjoying the newborn stage…lots of snoozing and cuddle time. despite the negatives that have happened in my life this year, lucy has given me a reason to be joyous and thankful.


One thought on “lucy mae keezer.

  1. Oh my goodness. she IS just perfect, and her hair totally rocks! I love love love that picture of Brian with the two littles. So precious and sweet. So happy she's a good little sleeper for you. Love you friend. HUGE congrats again!

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