update: jude and lucy!

today was one of those days where i felt like i was on the set of a movie. i walked by lucy and smelled something funky. (let me preface this by saying that this girl can poop like none other. she usually only poops every second or third day, but when she does…LOOK OUT. it will most likely be a complete explosion…the kind that requires either a whole package of wipes or a bath.) so i lift lucy from her infant seat to find that her whole outfit was soaked in liquid feces. gross. so i open her pajamas and its everywhere. there’s no way i’m even going to try and salvage this onesie or pajama outfit. in the name of saving time, effort, and a whole bottle of shout advanced gel, i just cut the things off and chuck them in the trash. i dangle lucy over the sink and spray off the poop. the whole process is quite gross, but its part of being a mom, right? she somehow gets poop on her hand which then transfers to her face. EW. so there’s pretty much poop everywhere, lucy is screaming, and i’m sweating. not fun.

to make it all better, i glance over at jude (who is supposed to be eating his lunch) and he’s clearly taking advantage of the fact that his mama is completely preoccupied. he had taken the peanut butter off his plate and smeared it all over himself, the counter, and the booster chair where he sat. he then requests that i wipe him off. yeah, right. ok, let me just put down your poop covered sister and i’ll be right there. ahh. what a funny scene.

overall, being the mom of two has been such a pleasant experience. i was semi-worried before lucy was born, because i didn’t know what to expect. but it has gone amazingly well. jude loves his sister so much, and she certainly loves him. i think he gets more smiles out of her than anyone!

so here’s an update on the kids…


-jude is such a boy. i mean really, he totally is. he is obsessed with farting and bathroom talk. luckily, he picks up a lot of habits from his dad. he walked up to me this morning and said “pull my finger, mama!” thanks, bk.

-jude is a rambler. he could talk to himself for hours. its so cute. we were driving home from ellsworth the other day and he did not stop talking for two seconds. i loved it though. today he was talking while i was feeding lucy and he said “mama, you sit in that chair. i’ll sit in this chair. daddy will sit in that chair over there when he gets home from work.” he also loves to follow sentences with the words “last night”. i think he hears brian and i say this from time to time so he figures he may as well give it a shot. he’ll say “i drank milk from my lightning mcqueen cup last night.” even though it wasn’t necessarily last night. it really cracks me up.

-jude loves to watch monster truck/helicopter/tractor videos on youtube with meme. he asks for it often, but we try to do it as a “special treat”. in the car the other day jude was playing with a monster truck. he was going on and on, talking and rambling. mom said to me “do you hear what he’s saying?” he was saying “monster trucks say ‘bad to the bone!'” which i guess was in one of the videos he watches with meme. too funny!

-one of the cd’s i have in the car right now is chris tomlin. one of the songs on the album is “god of this city”. the chorus says…”greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city.” well, jude LOVES this song. whenever we get in the car he asks to hear it and i often hear him singing it randomly while he’s playing. he also likes to “play the drums” which really consists of him taking two stick like things and banging them on whatever is nearby. so he loves to play the drums while singing (screaming) “things to be done in this city!”its the most adorable thing.

-on the topic of songs, we were at walmart the other day and jude looks at me with a surprised look on his face. he said “lightning mcqueen! mack on the highway!” we were in the fabric aisle and i had no clue where he saw lightning mcqueen but i usually just take his word for it. then i realized that the song playing in the background was “life is a highway” which is in the movie cars. he is an expert on all things cars!

-jude has an incredible memory. he often times starts talking about things that happened a long time ago. one time, about 8 months ago, bella bit him on the face. he has never forgotten that and every now and then he says “bella bit me on my face.” come on jude, forgive and forget. he also had an episode a few weeks ago when he fell from a chair and crashed head first on the floor. he often relives that experience by saying “i went crash from the chair and hit my head. mama screamed ‘BRIAN!'” i love his memory.

-jude has a harley davidson ride on toy at gramma and papa’s house. whenever he rides it he says “ride it like you stole it!” props to papa for teaching him that one.

i guess that’s enough on jude. i could honestly go on for hours.


-lucy is an angel baby. knock on wood. she has been sleeping 9 consecutive hours for a while now, sometimes 11 or 12. last night she slept 7 to 7. it was glorious. i don’t know how i got blessed with such a good sleeper, but i am very thankful for it.

-lucy loves jude! she smiles at him so much and i think she likes watching his movements.

-lucy is a morning person. i go in to get her in the morning and she is all smiles. lucy is so chill, laid back, and happy. she fusses a little before she goes to sleep, but i let her be and she puts herself in a trance.

-we are in quite a good routine now: eat, play, sleep. that’s what we do and it works so well. lucy is awake a lot now so that makes things a little more exciting. she loves her little jungle gym mat. she also loves looking in the mirror. she’s such a squirmer and kicks a ton.

-lucy still has the most amazing hair. none of it has fallen out. she’s such a beauty!

love you, jucy!


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