lucy: our light.

i’ve never been big on the meaning of names. we picked our kids names because we liked them. they went together and they kind of formed a beatles theme that we enjoy. i have no clue what the name jude means. but someone once told me that lucy means “light”. its pretty appropriate, if you ask me.

its been a freaking banner year. i think i walked under a few ladders sometime recently without knowing it. and broke a few mirrors. thirteen to be exact. let’s just be honest…its been a bad year. with one major exception. lucy mae.

on the day of dj’s death, brian and i spent a lot of time sitting, talking, and thinking. we laughed about memories we had with dj. we cried because we loved him so much and he’s left us behind. we hugged our babies close. i sat and talked to lucy. she gazed back at me and smiled a million times, like she always does. her little eyes got all squinty and she opened her mouth wide. i love her smile. it takes over her whole face. and i just kept thinking…wow, she truly is our angel baby. a gift given in the darkest of days. a calm in the midst of a terrible storm. our light.

life’s losses make you abundantly thankful for what you do have. while its hard to accept what i’ve lost this year, i am insanely thankful for what i’ve gained. and that would be lucy mae, my little queen bee, my love and my light.


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