jucy update!

here’s what jude and lucy have been up to lately.


-jude loves thomas the train. he’s not quite as into thomas as he used to be, and he only watches it here and there. but for jude’s second birthday brian and i bought him a thomas the train stuffed pillow. he is obsessed with that thing. he sleeps with it every night. when we check on jude before we go to bed, he has the thomas pillow resting on his head. and every morning he has to carry thomas downstairs with him. he pretty much can’t go out of jude’s sight. he talks to thomas all the time which may seem weird but i think its so cute that he loves to pretend. he’s got such an imagination. the other morning jude was playing in the living room. he was chit chatting away and said to me “i love thomas so much, mama!”

-whenever it gets close to a transition time (nap, going inside, running an errand) i’ve gotten in the habit of saying “5 more minutes…” and then “2 more minutes…” to warn jude of the coming location change. it seems to help avoid any sudden disappointments and he usually says “ok, mama.” a couple weeks ago brian was getting jude up from his nap. we had told jude before he fell asleep that we were going to church that evening. so jude was getting dressed and he said to brian as he held up three fingers “three more minutes and we’re going to CHURCH!”

-jude and lucy go to gramma and papa’s house on tuesday’s and wednesday’s. sarah’s mom is currently living at their house, jude and lucy’s great gramma. so great gramma was asking jude who bella is. jude calmly replied “emmy’s sister.” it totally made sense to him.

-on the way to gramma’s house the other day jude was talking up a storm in the backseat. he said, “i love gramma. gramma is a princess.”

-the other day i played some beatles songs for jude. yup, “hey jude” and “lucy in the sky with diamonds”. he loved it. particularly the second one. he alllllways asks to hear the lucy song. he screams it quite often. a few days ago, during naptime, i could hear jude yelling at the top of his lungs, “lucy in the sky with the diamonds!” he’s so entertaining.

-one of jude’s favorite things to do is watch youtube clips of monster trucks, helicopters, and cars with meme. there’s also a volkswagon commercial that jude is obsessed with. it’s a really cute commercial, you have to watch it. jude cracks up at the same point every time…when the dog drops the ball down the stairs and the music starts. he dances and bounces and sings, “get up off that thing…dance ’til you feel better!” its so adorable.

-mom was hanging out with jude one night and they went into her room. jude sat down and said, “i like your room, meme.” mom said, “thanks, its pretty messy right now” to which jude replied, “yeah, it is kinda gross.” he is too much.

-jude, lucy, and i were hanging out at home one day. jude said, “lucy is so beautiful and i am handsome.”

-jude is so particular. he is quite like his bampy, and i’m not just saying that. he totally is. dad was a little OCD. i’ve actually had fears that jude might legitimately need therapy for OCD…ok, not really, but he definitely needs things to be a certain way. for instance, if it’s raining he HAS to wear a hat. he literally will not go outside unless he has one on. he freaks out if i don’t shut the hallway gate behind me. at brian’s parents house the other day, he started screaming and pointing at the counter while saying “clean that, its messy!” he was pointing to a teapot that had a few crumbs on it. he once refused to eat m&m’s that had melted a tad and looked a little blemished. my mom called him a “fuddy duddy” once, and it totally fits. he laughed so hard and says it all the time now. he saw a picture on my mom’s computer of her and dad and he said “who are those two old fuddy duddies?” he is a nut!

-in the past, jude and i have had a few conversations about rainbows. he loves seeing them in the sky. i told him that rainbows mean that god keeps his promises. he would say that every now and then when he saw a rainbow. well, the other day i was getting lucy dressed. the shirt i put on her had a rainbow on the front. jude said, “look, lucy has a rainbow on her shirt!” i said, “yeah, you are right! what does a rainbow mean?” and he said, “god keeps us safe.” i wondered for a second where he came up with that…then i remembered that he colored a picture at church the previous week of noah’s ark and it said “god keeps us safe.” he went on to say, “noah built a huge ark and put animals on it!” it was a definite proud parent moment.

that kid is too smart.

-oh, it wouldn’t be a complete jude update without mentioning that jude is completely potty trained. he took to it so well and has been peeing/pooping like a champ! yay…that was easier than i thought it would be.

-so, lucy is three months now. her life is pretty boring and uneventful. let me think…she’s still an amazing sleeper and so laid back. one of my favorite things about her.
-i think lucy has started teething. i know it seems early, but jude did this too…she’s been gnawing on her hands for a couple weeks now. although i know it’ll probably be another three months until she actually  works up a tooth.
-lucy has been “talking” like crazy. she makes really funny noises. she does this raspberry type thing with her lips that is just plain cute.
-lucy is quite a kicker. she kicks her swaddleme right off and sometimes i’m afraid she’ll bounce right out of the bouncer seat.
-oh, big news for lucy. she sat in her bumbo this week. she doesn’t like it for much longer than a few minutes…it is quite a workout for that little neck.
-lucy is definitely a chunker and i love it. she’s got rolls upon rolls. her carseat is getting pretty darn heavy to carry. she fits quite well in six month clothes. i like babies that aren’t fragile.
-her smile takes over her entire face, i can’t get enough of it! i never thought i’d love her this much. she’s my little gift. every time i look at her i remember that she is a calm amidst the storm.

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