dear jude.


you are laying in your bed right now (after putting up quite a fight) and dad and i are listening to you through the monitor. you are singing twinkle, twinkle. you are talking to yourself. you just yelled “mama keezer! do you hear me?”

you also said, “do you want to come hang out with me?”

i wanted to do just that, but i couldn’t give in. you are determined!

you spent the day with gramma and papa. you had an accident at church. yuck! you threw a fit when we left their house tonight and we finally got you laughing on the way home when we told you that your feet smell gross. you got a kick out of that!

you like to make yourself and others laugh. in the car you’d say “mama feet! daddy feet! bella feet! kate feet!” and crack up laughing after each phrase.

you love to “swim” in the bathtub. you get on your belly and splash and scream, “i’m swimming!”

yesterday you kept saying, “yippy skippy!” not sure where you got that.

as much as you frustrate me at times, i love you to infinity.


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