-so jude is potty trained. however, he still has some issues with pooping on the potty so he usually saves it up until nap time and wakes up with a load in his diaper. and its usually baaaaad. i was changing him one day and told him how nasty his diaper was and that he really needed to do his business on the potty next time. i must have been making a horrified face because as i cleaned this gross mess he said, “are you gonna cry, mama?”

-a few weeks ago i made pancakes for breakfast. i gave jude his plate and he said, “oh my gracious!”

-some funny stuff comes out of that kid’s mouth. when he’s trying to get ahold of me he’ll say anything from “mama!” to “gretchen!” the other night we heard him yell “mama keezer!” and we died laughing.

-jude is growing so fast. one day he said,  “look at me! i’m getting bigger! lucy is getting bigger too.”

-phrases jude’s into these days are: “i’m all set!” “when i was a little boy…” “last night…” “don’t look at me!”

-we were eating breakfast one morning and jude looked up at me with those giant brown eyes and said “you’re the best, mama!”

-jude looooves his cousin bella. it’s really a love/hate relationship…they fight like crazy but deep down they love each other so much. we were driving to wal-mart the other day and he said “i want to buy something realllllly special for bella! a princess donut…that would be really special for bella!” i have no clue how he thought of this and i’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a princess donut, but it was thoughtful just the same.

-on this same drive, jude was playing with his helicopter. i reminded him that aunt kate got him that for christmas. he replied, “oh, i better call aunt kate and say to her ‘thank you, aunt kate, for getting me this helicopter for christmas!'” seriously, word for word. i told jude that i liked his helicopter. he said, “no, mama, you don’t like this helicopter. you like princesses.” oh, ok.

-jude’s been a little bugger lately. life with a 2 and 1/2 year old is certainly similar to a roller coaster. my blood will literally be boiling one second and the next i’ll be crying with laughter at his humor. jude angers quickly these days, especially if he doesn’t get his way (which happens often). when he’s particularly angry he yells “NO!” if you so much as glance in his direction. lately he’s been saying “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” which is hilarious and you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it. but what’s really funny is that my parents have reminded me often of when i used to say this as a two year old. its coming back to haunt me, thats for sure.

-jude is very particular about the music we listen to. his top requests are: another one bites the dust, life is a highway, lucy in the sky with diamonds, god of this city, and we will rock you.

-megan and nick have had a fox hanging around their house this summer. the other night megan texted and said the fox was laying on their front lawn and was injured. so we drove by to check out the scene. jude was very interested in the story…we discussed the fox and how his leg was hurt. he whispered, “that’s so sad.” so now, jude is always rambling about the fox. he tells everyone the story about how the fox was hurt and he crossed the road to go find his family.

-a few weeks ago we took a family vacation to storyland and santa’s village. before we left, we remembered that we had to get jude’s life jacket at his papa and gramma’s house. so we went over there to hang out and kept reminding ourselves not to forget the life jacket. we got home that night and we, of course, forgot the life jacket. we walked in the door and i thought of it immediately. i said, “ahh, we forgot the friggin’ life jacket.” jude was playing so i didn’t think he heard me. brian went back and got the life jacket so we’d have it on our vacation, just incase. so we were at the hotel one day and were packing up our stuff to head out. jude’s life jacket was laying by the stairs. he started sputtering in a deep voice, “oh, that friggin’ life jacket…” and so on. we all died laughing. jude has such a funny voice sometimes…its really deep and nasal-y which made the comment even funnier. so now…whenever he see’s the life jacket he calls it a “friggin’ life jacket”. geeez.

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