dear jude.

dear jude,

you are so funny. today, isaiah, lydiah and emily were over for a little bit. you announced that you had to pee and then said to isaiah, “i need some privacy so please don’t come in.”

you also opened the door to the bathroom when one of the builders was in there. i saw you walked towards me when i realized what had happened. your face was really red and you had a look i had never seen before. you were embarrassed! i’m sure i’ll see that look many times in the future.

you’re going through a stage right now. little things set you off. you screamed the whole way to a.c. moore the other day. “I WANT TO STAY HOME ALL BY MYSELF!” it was crazy.

lucy adores you. i pray that you will always love her and be protective of her. i want you guys to be best friends.

you took a good nap today…three hours! its nice when that happens. for all of us.


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