the lowdown: hello, goodbye.

three years ago this fall we bought our first house. we had searched and searched for the perfect home for us and we found it on briarwood drive. it was an empty lot that would turn into a new, modern ranch style home. it was nothing fancy, but it was ours. it fit our basic needs. it had a yard for the baby in my belly and for its future siblings. we had great neighbors. it was located on a cul-de-sac. we were gonig to have a deck and a driveway…a DRIVEWAY. this was a big deal for us since we had lived downtown for three years and spent many minutes driving around the square looking for a place to park. we looked at several houses in bangor, two of which were the locations of suicides, one house had mice, and one had a shower build for midgets. we had finally found the one. it was meant to be.

we called dibs on the house and watched as it was built. we drove over nearly every night to see what progress had been made. our parents were thrilled. i can remember walking around the construction site with dad…he was so excited. he helped me figure out our budget so we knew what we were getting into. i always liked his validation when making big decisions. he was so wise and realistic, i took what he said as fact.

october came. the house was finished and we signed the papers. i remember walking to the lawyers office that day. i had just ended a work day at bella luna. i was wearing a green coat. the fall air was nice. our hands hurt from signing and our heads hurt from legal talk. but we did it…we bought our first house.

so we gathered our friends and family and we moved in. i remember that night. brian’s mom brought sparkling cider and champagne glasses. dad prayed over us and our new home. it was perfect.

and here we are now, saying goodbye to briarwood drive.

we moved on saturday. we’ve been living at our hampden location for a few months now, but saturday made it official. briarwood drive is no longer ours. don’t get me wrong, we are so excited to get settled in our new home and we look forward to raising our family here. its definitely our “forever” house and for that we are thankful. but i will always look back on our days at briarwood drive with coziness in my heart.

i miss that little house already. so many fond memories are wrapped inside those walls. i remember bringing jude home from the hospital and introducing him to stella and his new pad. i remember dj helping us stain the deck and paint the downstairs, if you can believe it. i remember dad bringing me coffee and apple & walnut salads from mcdonalds. i remember jude’s firsts…first words, first steps, first birthday. i remember movie nights and sleepovers with dj. i remember looking out the front windows with jude. our cozy home was full of noise, love, friends. i cried on saturday as i thought of how much that house meant to me and that the time had come to let it go.

so hello and goodbye, briarwood drive. we look forward to the days ahead but we will always miss you.

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One thought on “the lowdown: hello, goodbye.

  1. Susie Marshall says:

    I can so relate your post. Good luck in your new home 🙂 May it have many more blessed memories!

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