dear jude.

dear jude,

today we went on an adventure.

meme offered to watch lucy for the day. so me, you, and daddy went to greenville for the fly-in. you’ve been anticipating this event for days. i told you that on sunday we were going to the fly-in. so every day since thursday you’ve been saying, “on sunday we are going to the fly-in!”

before we took off for greenville we stopped at our old house. we grabbed the last few things and handed over the keys. you loved being there again. daddy and i shared a few tears as we shut the door for the last time. i was glad you were with us.

in the car you were a little cranky. you wanted to get out. you kept pretending to be asleep. daddy and i were talking and whenever we mentioned something you recognized you’d scream “don’t talk about that!” we’d laugh and you’d say “don’t laugh!” you are nuts.

we entered greenville and saw three or four planes overhead. you knew we were close and you got so excited. we drove into town and found a parking spot. we walked towards the lake. it was a great view. the seaplanes took off in pairs and circled the area. they flew right over our heads and landed on the lake. you were running and dancing around, so happy to be there.

it was a luxury to have quality daddy-mama-jude time. i look forward to those days with lucy as well. i could tell that you felt special. we bought you an airplane. you were such a good boy today. i don’t think we scolded you even once! we laughed nearly the whole way home. we ate ice cream and you fell asleep.

today was such a breath of fresh air.

i love you to infinity my little man.

love, mama

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