dear jude.

dear jude,

today was a good day. emily and lydiah came over while isaiah was at school. you were loving on lydiah so much. you threw the concept of personal space out the window.

we sat outside and watched the builders. i think you’ll be sad when meme’s house is finished and the builders are gone forever. you love to see the trucks come in and out of the driveway.

lucy was laughing so hard at you tonight. you kept dunking your head in the bath water and she just kept laughing. she also loves watching you jump on the bed. i can already tell that lucy is going to think you are the cat’s meow. the feeling is currently mutual.

you and i hung out after lucy went to bed. dad was at worship practice. i was in the kitchen getting you an apple and you said, “i like you, mama!” you also said, “i talk a lot at gramma and papa’s house.” you told me about how you “flipped out and cried” at gramma’s when you didn’t want to watch a particular show. you are so animated and specific. i love hearing you tell stories.

yesterday you went fishing with daddy, his friend kevin, and kevin’s three boys. you had so much fun. you were gone way past your bedtime.

today you were playing with your toys. there’s a toy basket in the room where all the stuff from our old house is piled. you found a car in there that you hadn’t seen in a while. you were making your cars talk and one car said to another, “hi, i’m from the basket! where are you from?”

i love your imagination. i love you, jude!



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