dear lucy.

dear lucy,

today we went to portland. you were such a good girl! you didn’t sleep much.

you get so many looks when we are out and about. you are such a pretty girl. and i’m totally not just saying that! i would admit it if you were homely..but you are a beautiful baby. your hair is insane and everyone loves it. you are funny. i get a kick out of you!

i woke up this morning to you quietly jabbering in your crib. it was so sweet. i went in to get you and you looked up at me with the biggest grin on your face.

you love to stand up. if you are sitting in my lap you’ll arch your back to signal me to put you in the standing position.

you make the funniest faces. you and your brother have the best expressions. you both make me laugh so much. you and jude are quirky and cute.

i am such a lucky mama to have a baby like you. you are so content all the time. you smile at everyone. although you don’t know it, you have this amazing ability to comfort me. you remind me of god’s love, my anchor amidst the storm.

mama loves you, pumpkin head.

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