dear jude.

dear jude,

yesterday you spent a lot of time with daddy. you made a few trips to the dump. you always like going to the dump. i like it because i used to go there with my dad when i was a little girl.

you and daddy watched football yesterday while i baked and cooked. football is your new interest. you love to watch it with daddy. you told me that you were having “man time”. so cute! at one point you were standing near the couch, watching the tv, and saying “oh man. ahh, ohh”. you sounded just like “one of the guys” watching the game. it was adorable. it was one of those moments that i wish your bampy could witness…he’d get a real kick out of you.

we had a fire last night. you love having campfires. we ran around the back yard together. we were playing on the grass and you said “mama, i really feel like i need a hug” and you ran over and gave me a hug around the neck. that was a moment that i always want to remember. then, you told us you had to pee. so daddy took you over by the trees. you said to me, “mama, i need some privacy.”

today we went to the park. we met aunt meg, bella, and emmy. you were getting out of the stroller and said in that old soul way of yours, “ohh, i just need to rest a little bit and cough.” and then you coughed. when we were getting out of the car you said “i am awesome!” jude,  you are seriously too much!

you are my little buddy.




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One thought on “dear jude.

  1. Cynthia says:

    When I would go to the dump with my dad, it was one of the best adventures of my childhood. We (well, HE) would throw things onto the dump and I’d hear glass break and that was the coolest sound. I guess it was realizing that it was “ok” to have things break that was so fascinating. Glad Jude had fun with his dad at the dump. My kids never had that experience.

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