dear jude.

dear jude,

yesterday we went to visit aunt holly at school. it was her birthday so we brought her coffee and flowers. it was a long walk to her classroom. you carried the bouquet of flowers all the way down the hallway that led to aunt holly’s kindergarden class. you looked like a sweet little delivery man.

that morning you woke up at 5:15. i am an early bird, but that’s pushing it. nap time came and you were exhausted. i shut your light off and closed the door. after a few minutes i noticed that your light was still on. i told you to turn it off and get in bed. i didn’t hear any toys or rustling. i turned the knob and realized you were laying on the floor. you started crying when the door ran into your back. you had fallen asleep on the floor in front of your door. i plopped you in bed and you slept for about an hour. the builders were working on meme’s house and were extra loud that day. so you woke up early.

daddy was home so we all went to the park. you are obsessed with the park these days. we’ve been going there a lot because the weather is so enjoyable. i usually bring a lunch for you so we can play, walk, and eat. then when we get home its nap time. it makes for a nice morning.

on the way to the park you were looking out the window and commenting on all the trucks and cars going by. you said, “when i get big i’m going to make lots of money and buy you a truck!” the fact that you’d think to say that is just adorable. the sweetness of that comment was followed by with a little tantrum because you wanted daddy to “run into hannaford real quick to get a cookie”. the roller coasters of life with a two year old!

this morning daddy was sleeping on the couch after working the overnight shift. you were climbing on top of him and poking him in the face when you said, “daddy, wake up so i can talk to you!”

today we went to mcdonald’s with meme, aunt megan, bella, and emmy. you were a very good boy. aunt megan was telling me something about a dream she had last night. you said to meme, “daddy prays about my dreams every night in bed!”  it was the cutest thing. and so true…daddy prays every night before bedtime that you will have good and happy dreams.

you found our gps the other day. you wouldn’t let it out of your sight for a few hours. this morning you remembered it. so i gave it to you but the battery had died so it wouldn’t turn on. you threw yourself on the floor and lost it for about fifteen minutes. we ignored you and you got over it. you’ve been really good lately after a very challenging period so i’m thankful.

love you, man.


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