dear lucy.

dear lucy,

i know i say this all the time, but you make me so happy. i love how god sent you to me at the perfect time. he knew before you were even a twinkle in my eye that i would need you in my darkest days. your smile melts my heart.

you are getting huge. you went to the dr. for your 6th month well child check yesterday. you weigh 19 lbs 8 oz and are in the 97th percentile for weight. you’re long too, the 90th percentile for height. big girl! your dr. said you are doing so well and your development is ahead of the game.

i gave you some whole peas last night but you kept spitting them out! you also aren’t a fan of squash.

one of your top teeth has poked through!

the other night  i went in to check on you before i went to bed. you were laying on your back and your whole entire leg was sticking out of the crib. i’ve been finding you in positions like that a lot lately. you move around so much while sleeping. jude did too, but you are a wild woman.

you love to squeal and scream. i think you’ve started to compete with jude’s insanely loud voice.

i love you, lulu!


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