dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you’ve been grinding your teeth today. it skeeves me out!

we got your ears pierced last week. you have diamonds! you cried for like a second…until one tear formed and rested on your cheek. you smiled as i wiped it away. and that was it!

you are the sweetest baby in the whole world. you have the most adorable laugh and you’re so ticklish.

one of my favorite things ever is when i go into your room in the morning and after naps. you are usually on your belly and you crane your neck to find my eyes. as soon as you see me your lips form a gigantic smile and your eyes get all squinty. its the best. i love how warm and soft your chubby cheeks are.

you adore prunes. you open your mouth as the spoon gets close. i think you’ve got a sweet tooth.

i pray for you all the time. i pray that you will grow up to love god, love others, and live a very long life. i pray for your husband…that he will treat you well and be christ-like. i pray that you will be an amazing young woman and mother someday.

and i know you will be.

i love you my lulu bee!


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