dear jude.

dear jude,

i got the grossest picture text at work today that made me so happy. it was a picture of your potty with a giant poop in it. i’m so proud of you! you called me soon after that and said, screamed, “mama! i pooped on the potty!” i was so proud that my eyes teared up. over poop. wow. i never get a chance to talk to you on the phone. your little voice is so sweet.

gramma and papa took you to the toy store tonight to pick out a toy. you came home with a package full of matchbox cars. you said, “i want to put my collection on the table.” papa said that when you were gone you kept saying “i hope mama and daddy and meme aren’t playing with my cars!” meme also bought you a special toy…a carrying case for your cars. you wheeled it all around the house.

some recently added items to the “stuff jude says” list:

-bampy loves me, mama.

-do bugs go to heaven?

-when i get bigger i’m going to play the drums with the sticks and gramma’s going to buy me a drum set!

-daphne’s creepy.

-i’m rocking out!

-that is unacceptable.

-mama, you are crazy.


-look everybody, my tooth fell out!

-that is ridiculous.

-i’m a republican.

-there’s a really creepy bug on my window.

-mama, you look like my grandfather.

whenever you find a cup on the floor you’ll say, “is this milk old and yuck?” just to make sure that its safe to drink. you are cautious and quirky. that is the perfect way to describe you. quirky. you are so much like bampy.

you’ve been telling a story for about two weeks now. “uncle peter is going to buy me a truck and it’s going to cost forty dollars.”

the other day we were hanging out at home. you were strolling around the kitchen when you sighed and said with that old man charm, “ohh, i really feel like i need to have a graham cracker and watch chuggington.”

i pray every night that you will grow to be a stand up guy. i want you to be loyal. i hope you will always do what is right, no matter what. i want you to stand up for your friends and for your family. i want you to love god and love others. i want you to value relationships. if you do these things you will be successful.

love you,



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