dear lucy.

dear lucy,

this weekend was the first three generation keezer/mcgovern shopping trip. we had so much fun. you and daphne were perfect little shoppers.

i got to sit next to you in the car. it felt so good to have some uninterrupted mama-lucy time without jude screaming “life is a highway” constantly. you smiled more times than i could count. i love how your eyes light up when you see me. you are beautiful and so sweet.

you played peek-a-boo with me today. i was leaning forward to talk to gramma and aunt kate when i looked down and saw your little face peeking around the side of the carseat. you smiled when i saw you. i could tell you were wanting to play a game. you are so sweet.

you slept next to me in bed last night. you were rolling all over the place. you’d move from your back to your belly and back again over and over and over until you finally fell asleep. you did it all night long. i’d feel you roll into me and i’d smell that lucy smell that i love so much. i heard you wake up this morning. before i had a chance to open my eyes i felt your warm fingers on my face. i so loved waking up to that smile. i’m sure you were puzzled by the scenario.

i loved our time together this weekend. lucy, god gave me peace and calm when he gave me you.




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