dear jude.

dear jude,

i love you so much. i can’t imagine any combination of words that could describe my love for you. i want the best for you. i want you to make good choices and be a contributing member of society. i want you to love god and to love others. jude, always remember that.

every day is an adventure when you are around. i never know what is going to come out of your mouth. at least five times a day you will say to me, “i like you a lot mama!” or “i love you so much!” i love it. tonight we were eating dinner. you leaned over and grabbed my face with your hands. you said, “mama, i love you so much!” and then you kissed my arm. i want to remember that always.

the other night i got my hair done. i had been at work all day before my appointment so i didn’t see you until the next morning. i was in your room, getting your clothes, and you said, “mama, i’ve got to tell you somethin’! i love your hair!”

i love your memory and how you recall every little thing. you are detailed and smart.

as i think over the happenings of the last week or two i notice a pattern. you’ve been very affectionate lately. the other day you asked if i wanted to cuddle. i did, of course. so we were laying on the couch and you said to me, “we are best friends! i love you so much.” oh, how i would love for you to always feel that way about me!

you love to tackle daddy. you always say, “i’m gonna crunch you!” or “i’m gonna cheek you!”

we’ve had to scold you for talking back. you often say to me and daddy, “if you do that again you will be punished.” we tell you not to talk back. we tell you to listen and obey. tonight we introduced you to the word “respect”.

daddy built you a wicked cool ramp for your cars. you are so proud of it. you and daddy had some quality “man time” this past weekend. the two of you have a special bond and its cool to watch you together.

last night we were all reading a bedtime story. you looked over at me and started playing with my hair. you said, “your hair is so beautiful.” later that night i went in to kiss you after i got ready for bed, like i always do. i said “what does mama say to you?” and you said, “as long as i’m living my baby you’ll be.”

i can’t get enough of you, jude. i love being near you because you always make me laugh. you remind me what is important in life and what is not. i am so thankful for you.




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