dear lucy.

dear lucy,

this weekend we had a family photo shoot. it was a perfect day. we did it downtown. i forgot that you don’t like to smile outside. oh well…we will never be lacking when it comes to pictures of your beautiful face.

you are sitting on your own now. i still put pillows around you, but you’ve gotten so steady and strong.

your nose has been all stuffy today. its so sad. you’re still just as happy as ever!

lucy, you’ve had peas, squash, sweet potato, apples, prunes, and oatmeal. you love oatmeal. you are not  a fan of finger foods.

when you see something you want to grab you will not give up until its in your possession. you love to reach for things. you don’t like being empty handed.

you adore jude. before bed tonight you were sitting on your floor. jude was talking to you and you kept giggling. i love your laugh so much!

you’re my little sweet pea, lucy. I LOVE YOU!


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