dear jude.

dear jude,

your new thing is being sassy. oh my word, i can’t believe how sassy you are. i think you are way too smart for your own good. you’ve been saying things like “of course i don’t!” and “that’s not fair!” you try to act like my parent and i quickly remind you that its not your role. you tell me “if you do that again you will be punished” at least five times a day, to which i respond with firm correction. you truly are an old soul and its getting you into trouble. i’m hoping to get this sassiness under control ASAP.

we started moving our stuff around this weekend. meme’s addition is almost finished. so we’re slowly getting settled in and making the place feel like home. i think you’re liking that “cozy” feel that i’m aiming for.

you’re excited for christmas. you always ask to listen to christmas music and you LOVE looking at the christmas decorations at home depot, lowes, and target. you’re mine, that’s for sure.

yesterday i told you that emmy was had an ear infection. you said, “she’s sick, just like bampy?” i wonder when i will explain death to you. i love your innocence and i hate to bring sadness into your world. but i know your inquisitiveness will force me to explain life’s realities, probably sooner than i’d like. i want to always be real and honest with you. i want you to ask me questions and i want to discuss life. i don’t want you to be sheltered and clueless. i don’t think your personality would allow for that.

you hung out with aunt holly for a bit yesterday while i unpacked. i could hear you talking to her. you asked, “do you have any babies?” you also said to her, “i don’t have the time or the money for this!” i’m honestly stumped at how you came up with that!

tonight you were having a major dance off with daddy. you said, “come up on the stage with me and dance!”

you had a flu shot today. you took it like a champ. you haven’t had a shot in quite a while so i didn’t know how you’d react, but you were so brave. you acted like you were going to cry but then you stopped.

you looked like such a big boy to me today. you’re quite cool and i think you know it.

i love you, jfk.


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