dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you started to clap tonight! it was the cutest thing ever. meme was clapping and you started doing it too. now, it may not have looked like clapping to the average joe, but you were waving your hands against each other. you were trying so hard and had a huge smile of accomplishment on your face. it was awesome.

you had green beans tonight. you were definitely not a fan. you were super dramatic about it…you started gagging and choking. i guess we won’t try those again for a while.

you love to throw your head back and turn upside down. you love to be tickled. you’re so entertained by your big brother. 

“babababa” is your new word. i love it when you chit chat. 

you love to grab my hair. you grab everything in sight. i always make sure you have a toy to grasp.

you smell so delicious, lucy.

your hair is totally out of control. headbands are a thing of the past. you need clips to keep your hair from your eyes. 

halloween was last week. you were a peacock. your costume was amazing. it was totally you.

i love you my little sassafras. 

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