dear jude.

dear jude,

this is going to be a long one.

last saturday was isaiah’s birthday party. you were SO PUMPED. on friday night you couldn’t contain your excitement. saturday morning was filled with conversation about the party. you couldn’t wait to leave the house. we arrived at the party which was at My Gym. you were timid, but only for a second. you were having so much fun running around and going nuts during free play. you were on top of the slide when a strange look came across your face. i knew it wasn’t good. i quickly asked, “do you have to poop?” but it was too late…the pee was coming. daddy picked you up and your pants were drenched. we grabbed our stuff and ran to the car. of course, we didn’t bring a change of clothes because YOU NEVER HAVE ACCIDENTS. i think you’ve had, like, one accident and that was in the front yard. on the drive home you were so upset. you kept saying, “i want to go back to the party!” my heart broke for you and i literally got tears in my eyes. you had been so excited! so we swalled our pride, made the change quick, and jumped back in the car. hey, accidents happen, right?

we arrived back at the party and there were some group activities going on. you were ovewhelmed by that so you played in the ball pit for a while. i was standing nearby, making conversation, when i heard a loud “mama!” yup, that’s right. you peed your pants, again…in the ball pit. i looked over at daddy and he said “again?!” so, we grabbed you, lucy, and our stuff and made our final embarassing escape.

now the second time we were definitely annoyed. but we still felt bad for you, so we went home and you watched the grinch, twice, while eating crackers and chocolate chips. poor little guy. i felt bad for you, however, i’m not saying i wouldn’t laugh if that happens to you and your kid someday.

you’ve been awesome this week. you even say so. “yeah, i’m pretty awesome.” the time change really messed with your sleeping routine. you were up at 5 for about a week and you were a complete crab. that was not fun. but now you’re sleeping til almost 7 and you’re back to your old, happy self…just a little sassier.

yesterday morning we were talking about your upcoming birthday. you said, “when i turn 3 i’m gonna play golf and basketball!” you talked about playing golf on the “golf field”. moments like those make me wish that bampy was here, big time. he would adore hearing you say those words. but not as much as he’d love taking you on the “golf field” for the first time. when i was pregnant and we found out we were having a boy i called bampy and said “you’re going to have a golfing buddy!” he was overjoyed about you, jude.

you are such a boy. anyone who says that boys and girls aren’t born to do certain things is crazy. you are always talking about smashing, breaking, crashing, crunching, and booming.

we unpacked some baby toys from our old house. you found an elephant that someone had given you before you were born. you call it “ellie” and you have been obsessed. you carry her everywhere you go and you pretend she’s your baby. its really funny. you put her down for naps and you feed her meals. you got home from gramma’s last night and you grabbed ellie and said “ellie, i’m going to protect you.” you are such a sweet caregiver to your little stuffed friends. you also love thomas. i was busy in the kitchen the other day when i heard silence. i turned around and you were sitting on the floor, rocking thomas back and forth. i am glad that you have a sensitive side, too.

last night you said, “mama! i dreamed about christmas in my tractor bed at gramma’s house!”

papa came over last week. he was wearing a hat and his glasses were dark and it really freaked lucy out. she got so scared and cried instantly! so the other day, you put a hat on. lucy was sitting in her high chair and you said, “oh lucy, you don’t like my hat? don’t be scared. ok, i’ll take it off.”

a phrase you’ve been using a lot is “a couple while’s.” you’ll say, “i want to play with lucy for a couple while’s.”

daddy loves to make up songs and chants. you love it when he does. one day when bella and emmy were over you were copying daddy, saying, “who’s a really cool dude? jude is, jude is!” then you continued and chanted, “who’s a really cool girl? bella! bella! who’s a really cool baby? lucy! emmy!” you’re so inventive.

the other day, you were eating breakfast. i brought you some milk. i could tell you were thinking about something. you looked up at me and said, “mama, why are you so proud of me?” holy cow, it was cute. i told you that i’m proud of you for so many reasons: for being good to lucy, for being so smart, and for your concern for others. i try to tell you multiple times a day how proud i am of you. i know you like to hear those words.

i love it when you say “BOOM, BABY!”

your bible verse this week is this: “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.”

you are such a little man, jude. my love for you is insanely huge.



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