dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you are almost 8 months. i think its the circumstances of the year that have made the time go by even faster. i do get a bit sad when i remember our time in the hospital, just getting to know each other. you were so tiny. tiny is something you no longer are. you have the most rolls on a single leg that i have ever seen. i love it.

you are weird about food. you don’t like chunks of things and are picky about textures. you had yogurt this week and gobbled it down. you like to play with puffs and rice krispies but always find a way to spit them out when i force one into your mouth.

this morning you were playing on the floor. you got up on your hands and knees for a split second, before your knees gave out. you are not crawling but you always find a way to get nearby toys. you wiggle and roll until your hands grasp whatever it is you desire. i feel like you are going to be a mover.

we went to My Gym the other day. jude had a blast running around. you squealed the entire time. you loved watching the kids movements.

i want to freeze this moment in time, just as you are, lulu bear. i find comfort in you. i see hope in your eyes. i will always remember that.

a friend said to me the other day, “your lucy is something else…they don’t come any cuter than that!” she is so right, lucy. there is just something about you. you are sweeter than sugar.

i love you, my queen bee.


One thought on “dear lucy.

  1. Aunt Marilyn says:

    Love your posts. Can’t wait to see you all,

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