dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you started to wave. its the most adorable sight.

you move your hands up and down super fast when you get excited. you are always moving. you are drinking your bottle right now while doing some crazy looking toe touches.

you’ve had a bad cold this week. you’re so pathetic! it makes me want to squeeze you even more, if that’s even possible.

tomorrow is your first thanksgiving. it is bittersweet for us, although you have no idea. a year ago today, thanksgiving eve, your bampy went to heaven. you were with him when he died…inside my belly. he loved you, lucy. he knew your name and he anxiously awaited your birth. he did not live to see you, but i believe he has seen a glimpse of your beautiful face.

the day before he died, when meme and i arrived at mass general hospital, we walked into his room and he was watching “i love lucy.” i know he was thinking of you.

so tomorrow we will celebrate your first thanksgiving. we will be happy and we will be sad. but most of all, we will be thankful.



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