the lowdown: god’s timing is perfect.

one of the most common things for people to say to those going through a trial is this: “god’s timing is perfect.” oh, thanks, that’s easy for you to say. you’re not me. you have no idea what this feels like. so shut up about god’s perfect timing.

the words may be true…actually, they totally are true. but is that what someone wants to hear as they’re suffering from a tragic loss? no, certainly not. those cold words somehow convey the feeling that your trial is insignificant because “god’s timing is perfect”.

so here’s my spin on that phrase. god’s timing absolutely is perfect. it might not be (definitely isn’t) a good thing to say to someone who is grieving, but it is true. i recently got a message from a friend. she said, “just as our family prayed for you at our last thanksgiving dinner, we will do the same this year.” her words brought tears and clarity. while the timing of dad’s death seemed completely horrible and sucky at the time, i was reminded by my friend that it was actually a gift.

when i think back on thanksgiving day of last year, i remember feeling the prayers of our loved ones. i could literally FEEL it. and i’m convinced that god allowed dad’s death to fall on thanksgiving eve for a reason. the next day, as people gathered in their cozy homes, surrounded by family and food, they remembered us. they prayed for us. they begged god to send us peace and strength…and he did.

so this year, as i think on all that i have to be thankful for, i remember god’s timing. and i’m glad that it is perfect.

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One thought on “the lowdown: god’s timing is perfect.

  1. Nick Eastman says:

    God’s timing is perfect and you’re so right in saying that the person grieving doesn’t want to hear it, mainly because they are the ones dealing with the loss. Holidays are the toughest time for someone grieving a loss in their life. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (another thing griever’s don’t want to hear), and there is a purpose for everything. If we knew what the Future held then we would have no reason for Faith…. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. I have faith that God will restore our hearts and make us whole.

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