dear jude.

dear jude,

christmastime is so much fun with you. you bring a whole new magic to christmas for me this year. you are so much more smart and in tune with things this year which makes for an exciting christmas. you turn on the christmas tree every morning. you love admiring your cool ornaments. you love rudolph and santa. we weren’t sure how we’d go about the whole santa aspect of christmas, but we can’t help but give him some hype. i’ll admit, i even pull the “santa only brings gifts to good boys” card out every now and then. hey, you do what you can to survive.

we went to home depot the other day. you love going there so its one of the places we like to venture to on our days together. we look at all the christmas stuff. you like picking out paint chips. we got what we needed and headed back to the car. i gave you the receipt, as i often do. you were looking at the receipt as we drove off. you said, “reduce, reuse, recycle! thank you for shopping at home depot!” i cracked up. it was hilarious.

we were hanging out at aunt megan’s the other day. you and bella were partaking in your usual banter. bella said, “you are nuts!” and you screamed back “NO I’M NOT, I AM AWESOME!”

you’ve been doing really well going to bed. we have a nice little routine going. i think i’ve written it before, but daddy and i do our whole bedtime gig. then i say, “i’m going to go take a shower and then i’m going to come in and give you a huge kiss on the cheek!” and you stay cuddled in bed until i return. when i come in, i give you a kiss and say “as long as i’m living…” and you finish by saying “my baby you’ll be!” its so cute. then i say, “i love you thomas and rudolph and frank (etc. etc.) but most of all i love…” and you say “this guy!” and point to yourself. then i leave and you are good to go. but sometimes you have a hard time and say that you want to come downstairs and you cry and yell to me for a while. the other night daddy had gone out and i was downstairs. you were in your room yelling down to me. you always say “mama! i need you! i need a hug!” sometimes i cave and go up because its just too pathetic! this particular night you yelled, “mama, i love you so much but you need to come up here!”

you loving giving daddy and i random hugs. you’ll run up to me and say “mama, i love you so much!” one day recently daddy was leaving for work. he was getting ready to say goodbye to you when you yelled “daddy! i gotta give you something before you leave!” you ran as fast as you could into daddy’s arms and gave him the biggest bear hug ever. then you pulled away and gave him a wet kiss on the lips. the kissing on the lips thing you don’t do often, so it was quite a gift for daddy.

this morning you were being a grump. lucy was sitting on the floor, playing with her toys and minding her own business. you were upset about something and decided to take it out on your poor sister. you looked at her and she gazed up at your with that gigantic smile. apparently that set you off because you screamed “STOP SMILING!” i had to laugh.

today we made a christmas ornament. it didn’t go quite as well as planned. you kept dropping beads all over the floor and then you knocked my coffee mug over. oh well.

i am so proud of you, jude.



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