dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you are so close to crawling. you roll and scoot and push your way all over the floor, but no official crawling just yet. i’m ok with that.

you are eating lots of good food now. i’ve finally won the battle of the chunks…you used to be so weird about pieces of food. you hated puffs. you’d put them to your mouth and spit them out. but now you love puffs. you also like banana chunks and toast with prunes. you love all fruits and veggies, so far, and you adore yogurt. i’m enjoying the not picky stage because i know it will change.

a friend was inquiring about your personality. you and jude are so different. jude is mr. ocd. he is particular and intelligent. you are my hippie flower child. you are curious and happy…constantly smiling without a care in the world. you are active and loving. that contagious grin never leaves. you are much like your daddy which makes you a lucky girl.

you have the sweetest voice. it is light and airy, just like your personality.

last weekend we went on a girls shopping trip to portland with meme, aunt megan, and emmy. we had such a good time. you were awesome, as i knew you would be. you didn’t sleep a wink, except for at night, but you were as happy as you always are.

lucy, you love to extend your hand to people, almost like you’re introducing yourself. it seems fitting for you. you give off warmth. you bring sunshine when you enter a room, much like you did when you entered my life.



IMG_5751 IMG_5719 IMG_5523


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