dear jude.

dear jude,

christmastime has been really fun, especially for you. you’ve been so happy and excited lately. i love it.

you made christmas cookies with papa a few weeks ago. we brought some home and they disappeared quickly. one day you asked if you could have a cookie. i told you they were gone and you said, “the holidays are ruined!”

we love to dance around here. watching you rock out is the most hilarious thing. you love to play air guitar and drums and you’ve got some sweet moves. you were doing your thing one day and you yelled to me “you’re an awesome rock star, mom!”

bella was over recently. you guys were doing your usual bickering routine. she said “you are crazy, jude!” you responded by saying “no i’m not! i’m the man and i am awesome!” oi vey, don’t know where you came up with that one.

we took you and lucy to the mall to see santa. bella and emmy came too. you were so brave and knew just what to do. you walked up to santa and sat right on his lap. you told him you wanted a bike for christmas. your face was stone cold and super serious. it was funny. bella was hilarious and totally lost it when the time came to see santa. it was awesome.

we had a snow storm the other day so we went outside to play. you LOVE to be outside. i thought for sure you’d ask to go in because it was so cold, but i had to persuade you with hot chocolate and frosty. but you were so cute outside. we pretty much walked laps up and down the driveway and you pulled your sled the whole time. you said, “i’m just like peter bunny! i watched that at gramma’s.” i asked if you meant “peter rabbit” and you said yes.

three of your favorite words are ridiculous, unacceptable, and irresistible. you love talking in general and that little mouth never stops going. you are JUST like bampy…annoying qualities and all. we all love it, though. the other day instead of saying “ridiculous” you kept saying “redonk” and “redonkulous”. it was really cracking me up.

i was changing you into your jammies the other night. there was a tiny little fuzz on the inside of your pants and you said “wait, there’s a crumb on there! i can’t wear these.” you are so OCD.

lucy’s been saying “mama” like its going out of style. she said it the other day and you said “mama! did you hear that? she just said you!”

jude, you are so inquisitive. you love asking questions. sometimes i have to tell you to take a break from asking me questions for a minute. i’m thankful for your curious nature. you have such an imagination. you’ve told me a few times lately that you’ve been dreaming about race cars at night. yesterday you sat and played with your ramp and matchbox cars for about 2 hours straight. you are so independent so it makes it easy for me to take care of lucy and do things around the house. gramma and papa put a bag of chocolate coins in your stocking. the day after christmas you played with those coins the entire day. seriously, you didn’t touch another toy…you just sorted and stacked the coins allllllll day long. and the best part was that you still haven’t realized they are edible.

i love you so much my little boy! i love to smell your head and kiss your cheeks and get hugs around the neck. you are awesome and i love you more than life.




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