dear jude.

dear jude,

next week is your birthday. you will be three. WHAT?! it can’t be true. i am so excited for this new year in your life, though. i know it will be a good one.

you know the date of your birth, january 15th. you memorized it quite a while ago and i always thought that was cool because most little kids don’t know when their birthday is. i have a feeling you’ll be a numbers dude, just like bampy. maybe you’ll carry on the tradition of knowing the birthdays of everyone you’ve ever met.

we’ve discovered a family of blue jays residing in our back yard. i think there’s a nest in a tree close by and maybe even one under the deck. the other morning they were going crazy. they were flying back and forth from tree to tree and sometimes landed on the deck railing. they are beautiful birds…really bright blue. you and i were having a good time watching them. at one point we counted eight different blue jays. so we decided to give them some food. we put some apple chunks and cheerios out on the deck railing. i think the birds saw me walk out there, because we spotted them watching from a tree in the back. but soon enough they slowly travelled over and gobbled up the food. you kept saying “come on birds! come eat the food we gave you!”

IMG_6318 - Version 2

you’ve picked up on the word “friggin”. we try to get you to stop, but sometimes we can’t help but laugh. you don’t say it often, but every now and then you remember it. the other night we were playing in the living room. you were doing something with your cars and then you said “mom, this is getting friggin weird. trust me.”

jude, you LOVE to be outside. you could play outside for hours and hours. the only way i can get you inside is to persuade you with talk of hot chocolate and marshmallows. one day, the deck had to be shoveled. so you and i went out on the deck while lucy sat in her high chair and watched from inside. she loved it! we threw snow and the window and she laughed. you like to play with your trucks in the snow and help me shovel.

on christmas eve you had a rough night. you had decided to give santa your paci. he came to visit that evening and you said you were going to give you paci to santa and he could give it to another little boy. it was meme’s idea and it was a good one. but it didn’t really work. you went to bed ok without it. but you woke up in the night and were freaking out. you wouldn’t say what was wrong…you were acting so weird! i finally got you to tell me that you were hot. so we changed your shirt. then we gave up and gave you back your paci. you slept with us for the remainder of the night. at one point you rolled over, completely asleep, and said “fire trucks”. what a boy! dreaming and talking about fire trucks in your sleep.

last night we were putting you to bed, doing our thing. daddy asked for a hug around the neck. you said “daddy, i ran out of hugs.” but then, you made a clicking noise while pushing your side and said “i filled back up with hugs!”

jude, you literally never stop talking. i am so thankful for it and i love your cute voice. the things you say amaze me. there are days when i tell daddy, “i just need a break from the talking.” but i always remind myself of people out there who have lost their little ones or haven’t had the chance to hear endless questions and chitter chatter. so i am thankful for your inquisitiveness and for your gift of conversation.

this morning we had the radio on. a commercial for walgreens played and the lady was talking about some sale going on. she mentioned the dates of the sale. i was feeding lucy and wasn’t paying attention, but you said “mama! did you hear that? that girl said january!”

you are my pride, jude. i love you more than anything!


IMG_6218 IMG_6227



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