dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you have been doing this really high pitched horse type noise the last few days. it’s so cute. it’s almost like you’re so excited and happy about life that you can’t help but make that noise. you are my joy, lulu.

you are so goofy and funny. you make people smile. those huge brown eyes, pointy chin, and crazy ponytail rising above your head are impossible to resist.

when i say no to you, you look at me and smile. above your changing table is a big picture frame. the edge of it sticks out and you love to grab it when i’m changing your diaper. i pull your hand away and look into your eyes and say “no”. you smile, giggle, and reach out to do it again while looking back at me to see my reaction. i guess that’s a little spark of sin nature shining through already…but its still so cute. experience tells me that one day you will make me frustrated, but right now i just don’t see how that’s possible.

you are eating lots of regular food these days. you’re down to only three bottles, so you often fill your belly with fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and lots of cheerios. its so cute to watch you eat. you actually use your teeth to bite and feel things. you always grab a chunk of food in each hand…the chunk remains in the right hand while you shovel the rest with your left.

you’ve been doing quite a few push ups lately. you love to stand. you aren’t pulling yourself up yet, or crawling. i know that may be behind for your age, but i’m not worried. jude was a slow mover as well and i certainly didn’t mind. you move all over the floor and i thin its starting to stress your brother out. this morning he told me to “put you away” because you were getting too close to his flashcards.

you had your 9 month check up the other day. you were 22 lbs and 29 inches long. big girl! 90th percentile for both. i love chunky babes.

lucy, i want to tell you something important about being a mom. patience will get you far. although you aren’t there yet, your brother tests my patience often. some days i feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. but i remember that you and jude are my reason for living, my purpose in life. so i try to take extra patience from my pocket during those trying times. patience is a must.

i love you so much, lucy bear. i am so blessed to be your mother. i want you to know that always.






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