dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you have been changing so much lately. i guess i could say you are crawling. it’s not the traditional crawl, but its your own little maneuver and it works! you’ve figured out how to get from your belly to your bum. you’re always sitting when i go in to get you from your crib!

you give kisses now, its so cute. i say “lucy, can i have a kiss?” and you lean in for a smooch.

jude is one of your favorite people. i ask “where’s jude?” and you look right at him and smile.

last night, daddy and i went into your room to check on you before bed, as we always do. you were in the strangest position: you had your legs stretched out straight and your top half was folded completely over. i seriously don’t know how you fell asleep that way and still managed to breathe.

Image 4

you love to stand at your activity table. you can’t quite pull up on it by yourself yet, but you love to stand and dance and explore. you recently started walking while i hold your hands. i can’t believe how much you’ve changed in the last few weeks.

my favorite thing yet is this: whenever i pick you up for nap or bedtime you snuggle me and rest your head on my shoulder. you’ve never been much of a cuddler, except as a newborn, so this gesture is just so sweet and lovable. those words describe you perfectly.

lucy, i love you more than life.


mama Image 3 Image 1




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