dear jude.

dear jude,

you are now a three year old. i look forward to this year. three will be a good one for you. you will make new friends, learn a lot, go to school, and go on exciting adventures. i am excited to see what your fourth year of life will bring. have i told you lately how much i love you? too much.

we had your birthday party today. it was cars themed, of course. you had so much fun. meme got you a microphone and papa and gramma got you a guitar…enough said. you’ve been rocking out all night. you keep making up your own songs. you sang an original and paused for a second. then you muttered, “wow, i really am good.”


tuesday was your actual birthday. i went to your room and greeted you with a “happy birthday!” you said, “thanks! but i gotta change, i can’t wear these pajama’s to my birthday party!” meme got you a few balloons to wake up to. you told me that you wanted to send your mcqueen balloon up to bampy.

i had to work on your birthday. i considered taking the day off, but when i heard that papa was on vacation and wanted to take you to the maine jump i knew that me skipping out of work was unnecessary. so you spent the day with papa and gramma. and wow, you had a blast. papa took you to the maine jump. then you met up with gramma and lucy. you enjoyed lunch at mcdonalds followed by a trip to the toy store. you picked out a cool car transporter. that night we ate dinner and had birthday ice cream. it was quite a day.

we’ve been talking a lot about you turning three. so one day you kept asking about things that three year olds do. “do three year olds like cars? do three year olds run fast? do three year olds like chex?”

the other night i went upstairs to change. i put on sweatpants and a bathrobe. when i came downstairs you said, “wow mama, you look so pretty!” your wife will be one lucky lady.

i have these sweatpants that i wear a lot around the house. i got paint on them the other night when daddy and i were painting downstairs. so one morning this week you woke up and i went in to say good morning. i sat down on the floor and reached out for a hug, as usual. you craned your neck and gave me a kiss. i told you that i wanted a real hug around the neck. you said, “i can’t give you that kind of hug because you have paint on your pants.”

yesterday you were having chex for breakfast. you were looking at the box and said, “mama, can i look at the recipes on that box?”

you recently said to me, “mama, you and daddy are really cool.” you are so right, jude, and i’m going to remind you of that when you are 16.

i went to wal-mart yesterday for groceries. i asked daddy if he needed anything. you told me to try and find some pants for daddy that were just like the ones that you had one so you could match. when i got home, without the pants, the first thing you said was “mama! did you get some pants like mine for daddy?”

you are so chatty, jude. yesterday daddy and i were cracking up because you had to have said some variation of my name (mama, mom, mommy) at least 200 times. and that is not an exaggeration. you ask hundreds of questions and you tell me lots of things. i’m so glad that you like to share your life with me. i am so lucky to have you, sweet pea.

jude, you changed my life in a big way when you came to me on january 15, 2010. i am a better person because of you. you have taught me how to love unconditionally. you made me a mom. you have brought me so much happiness in a world where sorrow is near.

you are my pride and i love you, jude farrington keezer.



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