dear lucy.

dear lucy,

i want to stop time in this very moment. you are so sweet and lovable. i can’t believe you are mine. i am so blessed to have you as my baby girl. i adore you, lulu bear. i love going to get you from your crib in the morning. you always look up at me, hair covering your face, with a gigantic, toothy smile. you scrunch your nose and squint your eyes and it makes my heart happy.

i think i repeat myself a lot in these “dear lucy” letters, but i can’t help it! you are just so precious.

you do this “bridge” thing all the time. you look like you’re just going to stand up one of these days. you have a signature move that gets you all over the place. you started traveling into the kitchen. you go after jude’s toys. he wasn’t happy when you targeted his microphone. he does let you play with a lot of his cars and trucks, but certain items are off limits.

lucy, i want you to always know how awesome you are. always, always, always. you are a gift from god to me and your daddy. you are proof of god’s perfect timing. i adore you more than i ever thought possible.

when i was pregnant with you, i wondered how i could ever love another baby as much as i loved jude. i was afraid for you to arrive. i didn’t think you would mean as much to me as my firstborn. but i couldn’t have been more wrong. i love you every bit as much as jude and in a totally different way. you and your brother are opposites and you fulfill me separately. you both occupy equal parts of my heart. and my heart overflows.

the other day daddy got you up from your nap. you were sitting with him and i was across the room. i’d say “psssst” to you and you’d look over at me…then i’d say “hi!” and you would crack up laughing. i have never seen you laugh so hard! it was the funniest thing. your laugh is the best. it comes right from your belly. i love it.

lucy, you are so friendly. we went grocery shopping on saturday. a grumpy old man walked by and you looked at him and said “hi! hi! hi!” he walked right by and didn’t even glance your way, what a crab!

you’ve got two new bottom teeth. that makes eight all together.

you haven’t been napping super well lately. i think your room is too bright. we need to get some different shades. you are always sitting whenever we go in to get you. most of the time you are surrounded by dirty clothes that you’ve pulled into your crib from the hamper that sits nearby.

we switched your car seat so you don’t ride in the baby carrier anymore. its easier on the arms, although i do get less of a workout. when we’re coming home or heading out you just kind of sit in the entryway while we bundle or undress. you often travel into the bathroom and snack on stella’s dog food. i guess we need to remember to shut that door.

you haven’t quite grasped the meaning of “no.” you smile and giggle no matter how sternly i scold. you’ll get it soon enough, i’m sure. “no” is becoming more frequent now that you are on the go.

you are my joy, lulu.





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