from generation to generation.

“for the lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” psalm 100:5

the greatest blessing in my life, second to jesus, is family. i grew up surrounded by family members that loved me. my parents poured into me; they devoted themselves to me and my well being; they loved me unconditionally, they provided every need, and they taught me about life. most importantly, they showed me the importance of loving jesus and loving others.

growing up, i was always closest with my dad’s parents. they were all i knew as grandparents. my mom’s dad was fairly absent when i was a kid. her mom, virginia, passed away when she was 19 so megan and i never got the chance to meet her. from what i hear, she was an incredible lady: giving, kind, and thoughtful. she was a patient mom and a talented dancer. i’ve been told that i look like her. i remember, as a little girl, admiring a picture of her that hung in our house. she was so beautiful. i always wished that i could have known her.

despite missing out on a relationship with grammy virginia, i had the greatest grandparents in the world. megan and i can’t think back on our childhood without picturing them. they did so much for us. they took us on our first trip to disney world. they hosted hundreds of fun sleepovers, always involving grammy waiting on us hand and foot. candy, dq blizzards, and taco bell was always on the adgenda. they put up with our ridiculous fighting: megan’s red hot temper and my push-your-buttons persona. this grandparent duo was the cadillac of all grandparent duos. i am beyond blessed to have had them in my life.

and its cool to think about what they’ve done for me that they rarely get credit for. they raised my dad to be the man of god that he was. my grandmother has an incredible faith. i remember dad telling me how often he saw grammy reading her bible or kneeling at her bed in prayer. she worked hard to instill this faith in her son. and she did. as a little girl, it was nothing but ordinary to pass by my parents room and see my dad on his knees. he was always reading his bible…i would find it all over the house. i still remember its thin, gold lined pages.

i was talking to my grandmother on the phone the other day. as she always does, she was praising me for my life choices; for loving christ, marrying a godly man, and raising children according to christ. she went on about how blessed they are for having two grandaughters who have chosen to follow jesus. i said, “well grammy, i’m pretty sure you had a lot to do with that.” she responded, “it’s nice to think that we might have had something to do with it.” i told her how cool it was that she passed on her faith to dad and he did the same with us.

from generation to generation.

my grandparents have never been affectionate. they got married later in life, around the the age of 35, so they were pretty well set in their ways. they bicker; even more so in their old age. but their 50 plus year marriage it quite an accomplishment.

lately, whenever i go and visit i can tell that they’ve been fighting. he crabs at her for doing her puzzle books all day and she refuses to help him open the mail. i give them my weekly pep talk: i tell grammy to help him because his eyes are bad and i tell grampy to take a chill pill. i don’t think it helps. last week, grammy said, “you know, he gets so mad at me but every night before he goes to bed he gives me a kiss on the forehead and tells me he loves me.”

i am thankful for my grandparents and what they passed on to my parents. i’m grateful for the opportunity to do the same.

“may he endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon, through all generations.” psalm 72:5

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