dear lucy.

dear lucy,

one of my favorite things about you is your kisses. you are always leaning in for smooches from me and daddy. you love to kiss jude and your babies, too. you are just too sweet for words…and sweet is not a word i use often. it just so perfectly describes you.

you are really getting under jude’s skin lately and you don’t even know it. you’re all over the place. you love disrupting his car races, which really ticks him off. its kind of funny sometimes. i make him head to his room if he is having a hard time handling your curiosity. one of your favorites places in the house is the sliding door in the kitchen. you love playing with the curtains and looking outside, especially when it snows.

IMG_6606 IMG_6611

yesterday was a big day for you. you finally managed to pull yourself from sitting to standing! you did it while playing with your activity table last night. then, after we put you to bed we were in jude’s room doing our bedtime thing. you started crying really hard which is not normal. so i went in and you were standing! i think you got stuck in that position and couldn’t figure out how to get down.

you’ve been really snotty this last week. it makes me sad. i go in to get you in the morning and you’ve got tons of green snot oozing and plastered to your hair. yuck. you look pathetic! but still so cute.

meme always does this thing with you kids where she holds you and says, “one, two, three…go!” and then she gallops down the hall. this last week she was doing it with you and after she said three you said, “go!” you’ve been doing it ever since. i can’t get over it.

you adore daddy. your face lights up when he comes in the room. it makes me happy that you have such an amazing dad. he’s one of a kind, lulu. i want you to always love and respect him. he is the best man you’ll ever meet. i pray daily that your husband will be a good, loving man just like your dad is.


i love you, my queen bee.




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