dear jude.

dear jude,

there’s no way i could ever write down all the funny and smart things you do. or the naughty ones. but i’ll leave those to the imagination.

we were in your room playing the other day. lucy was standing at your train table and you were jibber jabbering. you said, “once upon a time there was a princess named lucy mae and a big, giant grump named jude. the princess never stopped smiling and the grump got angry. and they lived happily ever after.” good story, man.

you are obsessed with saying thank you. if someone gives you something, whether it be a snack or a treat or a gift, you have to say thank you. if we go home and you think you may have forgotten, you can’t let it be put to rest until i assure you that you did use your manners. you’ll say, “oh no! i forgot to say thank you!” and the way you say forgot is funny…it sounds like “fee-or-got”. its the cutest.

you were recently talking about some guy in a red shirt that you saw on tv. i asked if you were referring to blue’s clue’s. you said, “no, the guy on blue’s clue’s has a green striped shirt. i’m talking about a guy in a red shirt.”

last thursday was valentines day. you got lots of goodies from your loved ones. we made some valentines deliveries which included visiting mene at work. you were pumped to go there. you always talk about channel 2 and how you work there doing computer stuff. you’re always talking about going to work or having the day off. you are currently employed by channel 2 as well as sullivan tire. busy guy. so, its valentines day and we visit meme at work. we go in and make the rounds. you love it there. you got some chocolate and ran the halls. you weren’t too excited about leaving but we managed to get to the car without making a scene. then came the time for you to actually get in the car: it wasn’t good. you were flailing and screaming at the top of your lungs, “I DON’T HAVE THE DAY OFF! I DON’T HAVE THE DAY OFF!” it went on and on and on…almost all the way home.

i tell you all the time that you need to chill out and relax. you want things just so, which is good in some ways and bad in others.

you are grossed out by cheerios. you can spot them anywhere. if there’s one on the floor or rug you make me pick it up.

the other night, before bed, we asked who you wanted to pray for. you said, “i want to pray for john.” we asked you who john was. you said, “my friend that i race cars with!” so i guess you have an imaginary friend. so, we prayed for john.

you’ve also talked about michael, another racing buddy. us and the cornwell’s were hanging out at meme’s the other night when you mentioned michael again. aunt megan asked how you met this friend. you said, “from elf!” we all thought for a minute and cracked up when we realized that you were talking about michael, the little boy in the christmas movie “elf”. your brain seriously works in wondrous ways.

you are obsessed with the supertones. if we’re hanging out downstairs you’ll say “we need some music up in here” which is what i often say. lately, you always request the supertones. so we pump up the volume and rock out. you and daddy were busting some moves the other night while i was making dinner. daddy was partially unloading the dishwasher so he had a glass in his hand when the music came on. he started dancing. you stopped and said, “daddy, put that glass down while you dance so it doesn’t break.” you repeated yourself and the dance party resumed after daddy put the glass away.


jude, you are so responsible. i love that about you. you are also quite mature. you seem older to me than you are and it makes me excited for how much fun we will have together throughout the years.

i love you so much, jude. there’s no way to explain it. i love your big, almond shaped brown eyes. i love your coarse, thick bampy like hair. i love your dance moves. i love your voice. your vocabulary blows me away. your memory is insane. i love the way you spend hours upon hours playing with matchbox cars. i love that you are cautious and protective. i love your toes, your eyelashes, and every fiber of your being. I LOVE YOU. that’s it. i could say it all day every day for the rest of my life and it still wouldn’t be enough.

you are my pride, jude farrington keezer. you are my life. you are my purpose.

i love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow.







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