dear lucy.

dear lucy,

your one year birthday is quickly approaching. i can’t believe it. i feel like it was literally yesterday when you were born. i look back on the year and remember sad times, but i also remember you. you are truly a gift, lulu. i know i say this all the time, but its true. you are god’s provision to me during my darkest days. my light, my love, my calm.

you are talking more these days. you say mama, dada, auntie, go, yay and hi. you know what other words mean as well. you give hi fives, wave hi and bye, do touchdown, and give lots and lots of kisses. you shake your head. you throw things off your tray, usually your cup. i am starting to see a little hint of rebellion in you. you love to steal jude’s cars. you make your way all over the place by doing a funny little scoot. you’re walking along furniture now. i think you’ll walk sooner than jude did. i thought you’d be more daring, and you might be, but you are kind of cautious like your brother. you love to clap for yourself. when we say “good girl!” you always clap and say “yay!”

your supposed to be napping right now. i can hear you over the monitor saying, “go, go, go!”

we met up with some friends in camden last weekend. we ate lunch at our favorite coffee shop. you sat in a high chair and socialized with everyone. we were there for three hours and you never stopped smiling and playing games with the people there. everyone got a kick out of you! it was so funny, lulu.

you are the sweetest little girl around. honestly. you just have a sweet, friendly, kind personality. i can’t wait to see what you’re like when you grow up. i’m so blessed to have you as my daughter, lucy.



320549_10200855623936730_1040885077_n IMG_6916



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