dear jude.

dear jude,

we’ve had some frustrating times lately. you’ve been whining a lot when you don’t get your way. it seems like you put up a fight whenever we ask you to do something. its getting old. so i’ve been cracking down lately on your behavior. daddy reminds me that you are three years old and it will pass. i know he’s right, but i still don’t want you to be rude and whiny.

you were rambling on the other day about cars and trucks and who knows what else. i was helping you get dressed when you said “this is a good opportunity…” and continued chatting. it was really funny.

you’ve been trying to stall at bedtime lately. your excuses the past few days have been “my teeth are really bothering me” and “i’m really hungry.”

you have this red shirt that we cannot separate from you. i had bought a plain red t-shirt a year ago on clearance. its probably three sizes too big, but i knew it would fit you someday. i used to try and get you to wear it to bed because i thought it’d look cute. you always refused and got mad when i asked. but one night you had a change of heart. you decided to try it on…ever since then its usually a battle whenever we try to take it off. you even wear it for naptime. its your favorite color, red, which you are very happy about. you call it your “super jude” shirt.

you and i have had bad colds. mine has been especially bad in the morning..really sore throat, etc. so this morning you got up and wanted to go downstairs. we came down together. i got some tea and sat on the couch. you asked, “are you feeling alright, mama?” i told you i wasn’t feeling great. you said, “do you want my blanket? would that make you feel better? here’s my mcqueen blanket, that helps me feel better.”

i have lots of little names for you…sweetheart, sweet pea, baby, jude man, freddy, mr., etc. one day i called you “sweetie” and you said, “i’m not sweetie! i’m super jude!” i’m sure you had your red t-shirt on too.

last weekend we went to camden to meet up with one of my friends from college. we stopped in rockport to visit andre, the boats, and the train car. you had fun exploring the area. it was freezing, but that didn’t bother you. you loved throwing mussel shells from the dock into the water.

you like to be my little helper. its much appreciated (most of the time). you wanted something from the pantry today so i told you i’d come get it in a minute because it was out of your reach. you said, “i’ll try. i’m a strong man.”

jude, i love you beyond what you could ever imagine. and that love will never, ever stop no matter how frustrated you make me. you are my little man, jude farrington keezer. my pride, my love, my baby.



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One thought on “dear jude.

  1. Kristopher says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Regardless, just wanted to say great blog!

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