dear lucy.

dear lucy,

YOU ARE ONE. it can’t be true. i’m usually not the sappy, overly emotional, overprotective mama type. i usually find it kind of annoying. but i have to admit, i am sad thinking about you growing up. jude too. actually, i’m happy and sad. we have so many good times ahead and i look forward to those so much. but you are my precious, sweet little baby girl and its hard to think of you changing.

like i said, i’m not super emotional or dramatic. you’ll learn that as you get to know me more. but there’s something about you, lulu. you are literally perfect. i know that will change. i never thought there was a perfect baby in existence…until i met you. and i’m not one of those mom’s who says stuff that isn’t true. if you were challenging, i’d fully admit it. if you were homely or fussy, i’d admit that too. but you are honestly one of a kind. emily said the other day that if all babies were like you she’d probably have five. its true, lucy! now, i may eat crow someday if you end up being super busy and difficult as a toddler. but for now, you’re my perfect, happy, well sleeping, friendly and never fussy queen bee.

we had a party for you this weekend, on your birthday. it was fun. i don’t think you had a clue what was going on, but it was fun. birthday parties are weird now. i feel happy and blessed that our family is surrounded by so many people that love us, but i also feel sad that bampy is not here. he LOVED family gatherings. he was always in the center of it all. and amidst all the chaos and excitement of parties, i can’t help but notice the void. it sucks, lucy.

you never got the chance to get to know our best friend dj. but you did meet him. he held you in his arms and said hello the day after you were born. daddy and i will always treasure this picture. dj was one of our biggest supporters in life. he was excited for you to be born, lulu. his presence in our life will always, always be missed.


throughout the last two years, i’ve adopted the anchor as my symbol of survival. i have a bracelet that i wear with an anchor on it. i plan on giving you one someday. it reminds me that christ is my stronghold and with him i can weather any storm. it also reminds me of you, lucy. you have been my light and my calm, a gift from god during the darkest days and the roughest water. the timing of your birth, your personality, your easy going, laid back nature and your stress free, sleep filled first year are all reasons why you are the most perfect blessing to me.


i love you, sweet pea. i am thankful for you and i look forward to many, many good times. cheers to your first year!



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