dear jude.

dear jude,

you were sick last week. your first time being for real sick. it was so sad. you woke up tuesday night and had thrown up in  your room. you acted really confused. we cleaned you up and tucked you in. a few hours later you woke again for the same reason. poor little dude. we brought you in our room and you laid on our floor. we made a few runs to the bathroom. you’d put your little face over the toilet and open your mouth, waiting for it to happen again. you said, “why is it not coming up?” i don’t blame you for being confused, it was new ground for you.

i took the day off and daddy brought lulu to gramma’s for safe keeping. we had a mama/jude day. you were the sweetest little patient ever. you laid on the couch and got spoiled with cuddles and cars (1 & 2…more than once). i was bringing you some adult drink (your words for ginger ale) and i kissed your forehead. you said, “mama, you can sit right here if you want.” so i sat on the floor next to you. we went upstairs and i changed your bedding. we laid on your bed for a half hour and talked. it was a good day, aside from the fact that you were sick.

sickness lasted ’til saturday, although you were back to your old self by thursday. i managed to catch what you had and was as sick as a dog on thursday night. i was quick to recover.

sunday was easter. we had a busy day. you got your easter basket from mama and daddy that morning. you wore a tie and were pumped about it because you looked like daddy when he goes to work. we had a big breakfast with our home church. we visited papa and gramma and they gave you an exciting present: your very own hotwheels jeep. you loved it, although you were trying to play it cool by not acting too excited. you gave lulu a ride and it was the cutest sight ever. we went to aunt holly’s that night and the whole family was there. it was a good day.

as usual, you’ve kept busy playing with your hotwheels cars. you were “fixing” one the other day when lucy came over.  you said, “this is man’s work lucy, you are just a girl.” i think lucy is going to keep right up with you jude, so watch out!

at dinner last night daddy and i were talking. you chimed in and said, “that’s awkward!”

sometimes you like to go to your room and play. you were headed up there the other day when you yelled down, “mama, if you need help just call me!”

we went to target recently to get you some new undies. we picked them out (mcqueen, of course) and you held them as you sat in the cart. you were looking at the package and said, “mom, is this the number 2?” i looked down and you were pointing to the little plastic hook at the top of the package used for hanging the undies on the shelf. i told you that yes, you were right, that did look like the number two. that was pretty creative of you, jude.

this morning we were getting ready to head downstairs. you looked up at the ceiling and the walls above the staircase. you asked, “mom, did a man paint that wall?” i told you yes. then you asked, “did he fall down the stairs? that’s really high!” i love the way you think. your wheels are always turning. that little brain is working on overload, wondering how things work and why things are just so.

one last story: you were sitting at the table playing with your cars yesterday. you were talking and singing to yourself. you came up with quite a good tune. “cars and trucks love to play with bubbles! they love to get clean and take baths and showers when they get dirty!” you were actually singing these words. it was awesome.

you are and will always be my favorite little man in the entire world.



IMG_7078 IMG_7128 IMG_7115



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