dear lucy.

dear lucy,

oh my little love, i just adore you to pieces. honestly, i get so excited to see that squishy, squinty face whenever i’m away. i love watching you from the rearview mirror: you make the funniest faces. you’re constantly checking out whats going on outside.

you are quite the talker. you have the funniest voice. it used to be light and airy but now its kind of deep and throaty. i love it so much. daddy and i always laugh at you and your chatter. at your well child check i told your doctor that you said about 8 words (and know the meaning of many more). she said that was wonderful and they only expect one year olds to say 3. some of your words are: mama, dada, hi, jude, oh wow, yay, and go. you know the meaning of several words, as well. its fun to watch you learn. i wonder if you’ll be a talker like your big brother.

you seem to love stuffed animals, just like jude. you’ve been sleeping with elmo, clarice, minnie, and a baby doll. we typically lay you down and then go in and read with jude before he goes to sleep. we can hear you talking so loudly from the next room. last night you kept saying “ohhhhh woooooow!” over and over. and in the tub you were doing some type of native american chant that was really cracking us up.

you love to give kisses. you kiss me and daddy. you kiss your baby dolls, your toys, the floor. and of course, your big brother. and he loves lulu kisses as well. he insists upon kissing you before naps and bedtime.

i don’t know what kind of things you’ll be into as you get older. i do know, however, that you will be familiar with vehicles of all kinds. you like to play with jude’s cars more than any other toy. he’s getting better at sharing. you like to take his trains and push them around while saying “choo choo!” you make engine noises with the cars. i wonder where you learned that?

you are my JOY, lucy mae. the sunshine of my life.



IMG_7180 IMG_7215 - Version 2 IMG_7164


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