dear lucy.

dear lucy,

oh, my lucy bear. your cuteness is just too much. you are still as easygoing as ever. you’re happy and curious. you’re cautious, like your brother, and i don’t mind. you still take two naps and sleep twelve hours at night.

lucy, you’re becoming a picky eater, much to my dismay. i don’t like that at all. you like most fruit, crackers of all kinds, pancakes, yogurt, rice cakes and cheese. veggies; forget it. meat; no way. although you did eat some turkey pastrami the other day which really threw me for a loop.

you’re close to walking. you stand on your own but aren’t quite daring enough to take a step. you walk while i hold your hands, but the second i drop a hand you freeze. you crawl anywhere and everywhere…you look funny because its not the traditional crawl. you have this quirky way of moving that works for you.

lucy, you love pulling bows and clips from your hair. i usually use elastics and those stay put.

you like to play with jude’s cars. you send them down the ramp quickly when he’s busy with something else.

i think you’ll be antagonistic, just like me. little sisters unite! meme says i was just like you as a baby: happy, laid back and sweet.

you look like your daddy which means you also look like aunt kate. daddy is handsome and kate is gorgeous, so that is a compliment. but some say you’re resembling me more every day. i see myself when i look at you, lucy. its cool.

i am so blessed to have you in my life, sweet pea. you’re my joy and my light.



IMG_7322 IMG_7293


One thought on “dear lucy.

  1. peggy Kennedy says:

    What a gorgeous face! What a legacy you are leaving Jude and Lucy by writting to them!

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