the lowdown: don’t give up.

jude and lucy,

tough times will come, but don’t give up.

life brings disappointments. you’ll be hurt by others. friends will let you down and loyalty will be lost. you might get blamed when doing what is right and people might turn their backs when you stand for something. but that’s what happens sometimes. i want you to accept this and move on.

people are sinners. when we are born into this world, we have an innate inclination towards sin. so don’t be surprised when you are hurt by others or when people disappoint. you must persevere and hold onto the hope that there are good people in the world. i want you to not give up: make relationships with others and invest in those who love you back.

you will be the culprit at times as well. although i hope you often do the right thing, you will spread hurt too. and i want you to apologize. you are not perfect and you will make mistakes. but recognizing your wrongdoing and making things right will get you far. relationships can be restored through forgiveness. own your actions and learn from your mess ups, it will make you a better person.

jude and lucy, no matter what, don’t give up. there are good people out there; cling to them. know who you can trust and keep others at a distance. if someone seeks restoration with you, accept it. have faith in humanity and remember that no one is perfect. if someone has the courage to make things right then give them the forgiveness they are seeking. let go of bitterness. your life will be richer without whoever has caused it and chosen to keep things broken.

i will tell you someday about our church experiences. we’ve been hurt by people we loved and trusted deeply. we’ve been taking a break from the traditional church routine lately. its been a time of healing for us that we needed big time. we visited papa and gramma’s church recently. it was kind of a big deal, for me anyways. church was hard even before we got hurt. listening to the songs about god’s love and provision, etc, etc, was tough. really tough, considering the losses we’ve encountered the last couple years. no matter how much we believe in and feel god’s presence, its still a hard thing to sing about hard times when you’re actually going through them. and on top of that, the church situation this fall turned us away from the body of christ. but at church that day recently, i was reminded that although we were mistreated by christian leaders we once considered friends, not all people are like that. there are genuine people out there who care more about others than the church itself. and we felt good that day about going to church.

i tell you this story because i want you to remember this: don’t give up.


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