the seven year itch.

i remember reading in one of my textbooks about marriage. in reference to the seven year anniversary, one author wrote “if you’ve come this far, you’re well on your way to beating the odds.”

with odds as they are these days, we’re all about beating them.

when i look back to where we were seven years go, i feel like i’m looking at a couple of strangers. we have both changed and morphed into completely different people. mostly in good ways, but some bad too, i suppose. we were young and innocent. we had no clue about life’s true hurts and we had never faced grief or loss. we had little responsibility. we were clueless and in love.

and then life happened.

we had to chose between right and wrong. we experienced financial hardship. friends got divorced. issues came up. spiritual battles were fought. we made friends and lost friends. death and grief entered our lives. hurt, pain, and depression became a reality. life hit us and it hit us hard.

but by god’s grace we have become stronger because of our recent circumstances. we’ve had times of annoyance with one another, obviously. but we’re partners. we’re in this together. he’s got my back and i’ve got his.

if i could offer any advice to married couples i would say one simple word: teamwork. its all about give and take. love god first and love each other second. put one another first, in everything: above yourself, your job, your friends, and even your kids.

brian, thanks for seven years. thanks for your love and loyalty. thanks for two awesome babies. thanks for being cool and responsible and for providing for us. thanks for making me laugh and being weird. you’re a dream of a dad to our kids and you’re my best friend in the entire world. i’m head over heels for you. seriously.

“you’re my every dream, you’re the threadwork to my seams.”

seven year itch? pssh, yeah right.



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