dear lucy.

dear lucy,

you speak your own language. its so entertaining to hear you talk. you look at me and use hand motions while speaking your jibberish. i love it.

the other night we were reading a book before bed. when i was done, you took the book and opened it. you held it open and “read” to me. you spoke a few “sentances” and then shut the book and smiled, looking quite accomplished.

lucy, you love playing with jude’s ramp and hotwheels cars. daddy is going to make you your own ramp. i don’t know how you’ll feel about princesses and pink. you seem to be into vehicles, at this point. but you do love your baby dolls.

you’re a stuffed animal lover, just like jude. every night you sleep with one or two dolls, elmo, minnie mouse, and clarice.

you love playing and jumping around on the couches and on jude’s bed. you’re starting to grasp the concept of turning onto your belly and sliding off feet first. i’ll be glad when you’ve got it down.

dancing is one of your favorite things. its so cute. you have a signiture shoulder shrug move that you are pretty good at.

you have a mouth full of teeth now. you had the same eight teeth forever…but i think you just grew the rest all in a week. it didn’t seem to bother you a bit.

lucy, you like to help me clean. you always put jude’s cars back in the basket and the other toys where they belong.

you laugh all the time, lulu. you crack yourself up and its hilarious to watch. you have this fake kind of giggle that is so goofy.

you’ve become quite the wiggle worm during diaper changes. i had to nix the changing pad and do it right on the floor while wrestling the thing around your hips. its not fun.

i love you right to pieces my little lulu bear!




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